SMY- High School- Annual Backpacking Trip

imageAll HS Students are invited to join us for our

Annual Backpacking Trip to the Appalachian Trail

October 24 & 25, 2015 

Click HERE to Register for Backpacking trip!

Here is the packing list for all hikers!

Backpacker’s Checklist (* next to what youth group or another will bring, so you do not need it – pack as light as possible)

stove/fuel *
eating utensils (plastic fork/spoon)
matches in waterproof container *
powder milk *
dehydrated food and snacks/trail mix (1 meal)
zip lock bags for food storage (bears!)
food I always take: summer sausage, plain bagels, peanut butter, honey
other possible foods: pancake batter, hot/cold cereals, instant potatoes, dried beef, quick cook rice/macaroni
paper for fire *

water purification filter/tablets *
map *
flashlight (extra batteries)
knife *
nylon cord (30 ft) *
candle lantern *
duct tape *
water bottle (I find the tall skinny type to use for the weekend and then throw away)
Large & small plastic trash bags*

Tent (we will coordinate who will bring one, and who will sleep where, so we don’t all bring a tent)
sleeping bag/pad

toilet paper or biowipes
towel (lightweight)

Clothing (wool or synthetic materials, avoid cotton)
socks (wool)
raingear (poncho)
swimsuit (if it is warm)
hiking boots
water sandals or flip flops

first aid kit/survival kit *
sunscreen/lip balm
insect repellent

Leave detailed trip schedule in writing with others (look below)*

playing cards *
walkie talkie*/cell phone*

Trip Schedule Fall 2015: (Appalachian Trail: Neels Gap to Hogpen, approx. 6.8 miles miles):
We will leave Aquinas High School parking lot Saturday morning at 6am and arrive at the Appalachian Trail -Neel’s Gap, US 19/129 around 10am. We will hike north toward Hogpen Gap stopping at Whitley Gap shelter to camp Saturday evening. We will wake Sunday morning (have Mass on the mountain if Father joins us or return in time for 5:30 mass at St. Mary on the Hill), hike out and return to Augusta that afternoon.

Call or email me if you have questions.
God bless,

Michael Lammers


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